Presented: Mathis Montabon´s Rectiligne brown

MM-11-braunToday we have for you the test of a very particular watch – the Mathis Montabon´s Rectiligne brown! This noble friend for the demanding man is characterized by its extreme elegance. This watch is particularly suitable for the office and for special occasions, but also for leisure and sport!

Package and first impression
When the watch reached us it was packed in a thick carton. We find the Rectiligne brown in a black gift box. In the box near the watch there are the plastic guarantee and the complete and easy to understand manual of instructions. This package gives an elegant and expensive aspect to the watch and leaves no doubt about its quality!

Quality and processing
A very complicated and highly treated automatic movement drives the Mathis Montabon´s Rectiligne brown. We were also able to open the box for locating quality defects. But also from the outside you can not see anything like this. We have not found no scratches or poor workmanship or materials. Even in this case is true, the overall impression that the brown Rectiligne gives.

Function and everyday use
Based on our tests, also in this case the Mathis can convince of its best quality. Tests were not a problem for this wonderful watch that has shown great qualities. For example, the scratch resistance of the glass (it is not impossible to have a scratch on the glass, but it is very difficult!), and the extremely high accuracy, that is better compared to many cheap quartz watches.

We are very impressed with the test results of Mathis Montabon´s Rectiligne brown. So impressed that we repeated the test more times, because we could not believe the results obtained! One recommendation is therefore granted and we like to talk about this. This watch is absolutely great for any lover of watches-collector but it is also suitable for the „Eight – the average consumer“.

Test: Richtenburg Nordkapp


Today we will test the Richtenburg Nordkapp for you. A noble watch for men by Richtenburg.

First impression:
The new Richtenburg was delivered well packed in a fancy box already few days after order  along with the warranty card and instruction manual. Already the first look discloses:The Nordkapp is a quite unique watch. The bracelet and the watchcase give the impression of high-quality. The robust bracelet, which is made of scratch-proof stainless steel, feels very comfortable on the wrist.

The watchcase of stainless-steel has a convenient, masculin size with a diameter of 42 mm. In our opinion its display is very felicitous regarding functionality and design. The displays for the date, day and month as well as the 24 hours display are combined with the design of the clock face in a very hormonious way. The Nordkapp is available in six colour variations – with stainless-steel bracelet or leather strap.

The Richtenburg Kaliber RK008 automatic movement with 20 stones works behind a scratch-resistant watch glass. It is easy to set the watch by the protected crown. The watch is protected against water pressure up to 100 meters. Above all, the test exemplar catched our eyes with its excellent time accuracy.

The high-quality manufacture and the dependable movement satisfied us. The price for the Richtenburg Nordkapp is 1.500 EUR. We can get a high-quality watch joining functionality and design for it.

André Belfort Chronographe Royale – Hasta la vista Baby!

It almost looks like it’s arisen from a sience fiction movie – the Chronogrape Royale by André Belfort –  and puts one in mind of the Terminatior is turning round the corner right now to put it on his wrist. Masculine and elegant is the way how it represents itself. Tough exterior and real pushover? We want to check this out…There are two colour variants available. Steel/silver and steel/black. For our test we decided to take the plain-coloured type in steel / silver.

Design and manufacture
The André Belfort Chronographe Royale seems to be manufactured carefully. Scratches or material defects? – far from it. Due to its stately weight the Chronographe Royal appears presentable in an adequate way. The stainless steel case has a diameter of 43 mm – masculine to all intents and purposes. A supreme wearing comfort is assured with its real flip-lock leather strap. Also the design is harmonious. The honeycomb-structure of the clock face continues on the stainless steel strap.The totalisators in simply black are well silhouetted against the clock face and therefore well legible.

Behind scratch-proof saphireglass works the automatic clock unit André Belfort „caliber ETK 810“. In daily use the clock unit is proved as accurate and authentic. The ajustment of the clock with the crown is unproblematic. The feel of the deadener and the crown convince. As a special highlight the Chronograph Royale brings a Tachymetrescale to calculate speeds with it. We are exited!

The timeindicator Chronographe Royale from Belfort has really Science-Fiction potential. It convinces with its high class manufacture, its authentic clock unit and at last with its masculine design.Quality has of course its price. The recommended retail price of the manufacturer is 2190 Euro.


Test: André Befort Le Capitaine silver

Zoom_AB_8110_silberTechnical data:

  • Automatic clock unit André Belfort caliber ETK 811
  • Stainless steel case and -strap
  • Scratch proof saphireglass
  • Date display with loupe
  • Day display
  • Month display
  • 24-hours display
  • Aperture without crown: 38 mm
  • Height of the case: 14 mm
  • 5 ATM pressure tested
  • Retail price: 1695 €


Design and technic:

It feels comfortable on the arm. This is the first thing that attractes attention to us, when we removed the „Le Capitaine“ out of it’s attractive box and put it on. The watch has a goodly weight and also its case aperture of 38 mm gives the „Le Capitaine“ a suitable being. The high quality stainless steel strap is with a Fliplock buckle to lock. Also its modern and balanced design pleases, which gives the clock its own charakter. The time indicator of André Belfort looks assiduously  manufactured. Our test model shows optical no scarcities or scratches. In daily use, the automatic clock unit is accurate and authentic.
We cannot report of any gait deviations. Setting and serving the watch with the protected crown is unproblematic. Feeling of deadener and crown convinces us. For comfort in daily use cares the water resistance of 5 bar.

For a really goodly price you get, with the Le capitaine by André Belfort, a qualitative massive watch which combines functionality and design.

Presented: Mathis Montabon´s Squelette silver

The Mathis Montabon´s Squelette silver has fascinated us a lot, for this reason a test was a must! Mathis Montabon is a producer of high quality luxury watches, so we were obviously very enthusiastic about the results of our tests.

These can be read here in our test report. Have fun!

Before giving a closer look at what kind of watch is the Squellette silver, here we provide the data sheet:

MM-05-silberArticle nr. : MM-05
Stainless steel box (316L), nickel-free
Real leather bracelet
Automatic movement Mathis Montabon caliber M-5 with 21 stones
Scratchproof sapphire glass
Date/Day/Month/24 hours indicator
Blued screws
Diameter without crown: 40 mm
Case Thickness: 13 mm
5 ATM water resistant
Weight 84g including bracelet
Retail price: 1.390 EUR

The Mathis Montabon´s Squelette silver has also a nickel-free stainless steel box and a comfortable leather bracelet. Naturally this watch, that belongs to this price range, precludes an automatic caliber (M-5) – 21 stones ensure the necessary quality. The scratch-resistant sapphire glass protects the indicators of date, day, month and 24 hours. The sale price is € 1390 and is located in the middle segment of the luxury prices.

First impression
Our first impression was really good. A nice box created suspense when the Mathis Montabon´s Squelette silver arrived. Then inside you get to the object of desire, which shines in contrast with the dark box and naturally the effect of surprise can only increase. In the box there are the full manual of instructions and the guarantee of plastic that looks like a credit card. The first impression is so and we can only hope that we can keep longer the watch, especially when we have the object only for a short test and then we must return it!

Quality in the test
Obviously, the first impression will not help if the quality is not good. But what is the quality in a watch? When we talk about quality, we test the workmanship (how have been the parts of the watch and movement put together? Have they chosen the right materials? Are there defects such as scratches manufacturing?), the functionality (does the clock work well? Does Everything work correctly and reliably? ) and the vulnerability to external factors
(Swimming, sweat, etc..). The mathis doesn´t satisfy only sufficiently all these criteria but rather it fulfills them almost perfectly!

We recommend Mathis Montabon´s Squelette silver and we hope we have shown its characteristics clearly and understandable. If you have any questions about our services and above all of this text is enough write a comment. We were so glad to to test for you this watch!

Testreport – Mathis Montabon La Magnifique black Zirkonia

MM-13-schwarz-zirkoniaFor a long time we have a look at the La Magnifique by Mathis Montabon. Noble and luxury is it. We are happy, that we can at last test this piece of jewelry by Mathis Montabon:

First impression:
The La Magnifique reached us beautiful packaged in a pretty looking watchbox with guarantee cards. The watch is very nice and is in nature almost more beautiful as on the photos.

Design and manufacture:
This graceful model is absolute succesfully designed by the swiss watch manufacturer. The number dial leaves a significant and nobel impression. It is beset with three real diamonds.On the lunette twinkle zirconia stones about the bet. The beautiful manufactured strap consists of a well done mix of stainless steel and robust ceramic.The watch feels comfortable on the arm. The stainless steel case has witch 43 mm (without crown) a comfortable size. It appears assiduously manufactured. You can’t find any scraches or something similar on our test watch.

The heart of this model is the automatic clock unit „Mathis Montabon caliber M-1100“ with 22 stones. In daily use we couldn’t find any output deviations.

Suitability for daily use:
For comfort in daily use cares the water resistance of 5 bar. So it can also be worn when hand washing or taking a shower. Altough you are tempting to wear the watch only to special causes, it endures – thanks to the saphire glass and robust stainless steel/ceramic-mix – all daily situations. Because the indicator is added with luminous material, you also can read the time easily in less light.

There are different colours variations with black or white with rosegold and silver. Also variations without circonia stones on the lunette are available. We are pleased about the „little black“ by Mathis Montabon. Design and technic convinced us from the beginning. A designerpiece, which also endures our everyday test. We are excited.