Ready for Take-off with the Mathis Montabon Aerotime II

Today, we’re taking a look at a new model by Mathis Montabon, one that is clearly related to all things aviation: the Aerotime II. This generously sized men’s watch combines a clearly legible dial with a powerful automatic movement and an overall great energy.

With its strong and highly expressive looks, the Aerotime II fits perfectly into the latest Mathis Montabon collection. The completely polished stainless steel case features a generous diameter of 44 mm. This timepiece does not hold back but wants to stay out, and with a weight of more than 100g it needs a man who can literally wear it. The bezel and the lugs are of slender built and together with the crown and its guard they provide beautiful lines and an airily feel for this big watch.

The slim bezel and the understated design of the case ensure that most of the viewer’s attention is drawn to the dial of the Aerotime II. A very decorative slide-rule design runs around the edge of the dial while the centre is divided between four different subdials. At the 3 o’clock position you’ll find a classic small date window. Directly opposite, at the 9 o’clock position you’ll find a date display which is further complemented by a month display at 12 o’clock. the subdial at the 6 o’clock position also provides a very handy 24-hour-display. And, as if that were not enough, Mathis Montabon has finished the dial with a beautiful sunburst pattern.
In order to guarantee ideal legibility, the manufacture has used a lot of luminous paint for the prominent indexes as well as for the hands. This ensures time is clearly legible even in the dark. A red seconds hand and individual accents on the slide-rule are adding additional colour to the dial.

Powered is the Aerotime II by a powerful, reliable automatic movement. Precise and tireless, it provides the power for all the functions mentioned above.

Mathis Montabon offers five different versions of the Aerotime II Three with light-coloured dials in stainless steel or with a rose gold or gold PVD coating. The stainless steel case has also been combined with a dark dial and there is also an all-black version.
All watches are supplied with a leather strap.

Mathis Montabon Raises the Bar with a New Swiss Made Watch

Not long ago, watch manufacturer Mathis Montabon introduced a new model and raised the bar with this one: It’s entirely Swiss made, boasting an automatic calibre. The collection of Mathis Montabon is known for its variety; there are sober dress watches and ladies watches with zirconia-stubbed bezels, ones with partly skeletonized dials or analogue date displays.
But producing a completely Swiss made watch is a first for Mathis Montabon and a critically acclaimed one, too. So, let’s look at it.

The Mathis Montabon Elégance de Suisse presents itself as sober as a wristwatch can be. It is a simple three-hand-watch sporting also a date window. No frills, no experiments, no complications. We all appreciate complex watches with beautiful complications, but purism has its own charm. Mathis Montabon produces five different variations of the Elégance de Suisse – the complete silver coloured is the simplest. This model is also available with a black dial, whereas the black dial is also paired with two bi-coloured cases: stainless steel with gold and stainless steel with pink gold. The line also includes a complete golden version.

Nothing at the dial distracts from the time display. Hours, minutes and seconds are all displayed via central hands. The sunburst dial makes for a beautiful dynamic and the date window at 3 o’clock is framed. All that caters to a really good legibility, and the hands are filled with lume for ensuring legibility is also excellent in the dark.
The indices are argent or – depending on the version – golden, doubling at 12 o’clock. One of the most appealing details is the railroad minute track running around the outer rim of the dial, featuring Roman numerals. The dial is protected by a sapphire crystal.

The Mathis Montabon Elégance de Suisse is powered by the Sellita SW 200-1, a Swiss automatic movement known for its reliable work. After being fully wound, it provides a power reserve of approximately 38 hours.
The calibre is housed in a stainless steel case measuring 42 mm in diameter. In the also stainless steel bracelets brushed elements alternate with polished ones, making for an appealing look.
The Elégance de Suisse is officially a men’s watch, but we can imagine, it might be also an attractive choice for many women. Especially with its moderate size.

Test report: Mathis Montabon le Général

We put several Mathis Montabon watches to the acid test. The Le Général passed all our tests with flying colors. The name Mathis Montabon stands for high quality luxury watches, precision and durability.

Only top-quality  materials were used for the fabrication of le Général. The stainless steel  watch case has an impressive size. The watch case has a diameter of  47mm and a height of 15mm. The watch is equipped with scratch proof sapphire glass. The movement Mathis Montabon Kaliber M-3 with 21 stones is a durable and high-quality automatic movement. The dial shows a display for the day / month,  a 24h display and a sun/moon disk.

The real leather wristband is soft and feels comfortable on the wrist. The watch is waterproof up to 5 atm. The collection includes four different styles with white, red, blue or green colored second hands and a minute ring in the same color.

The price of our test model is 1.420 EUR. That’s an adequate price for a high quality watch that successfully combines functionality and design.



Presented: Mathis Montabon´s Squelette silver

The Mathis Montabon´s Squelette silver has fascinated us a lot, for this reason a test was a must! Mathis Montabon is a producer of high quality luxury watches, so we were obviously very enthusiastic about the results of our tests.

These can be read here in our test report. Have fun!

Before giving a closer look at what kind of watch is the Squellette silver, here we provide the data sheet:

MM-05-silberArticle nr. : MM-05
Stainless steel box (316L), nickel-free
Real leather bracelet
Automatic movement Mathis Montabon caliber M-5 with 21 stones
Scratchproof sapphire glass
Date/Day/Month/24 hours indicator
Blued screws
Diameter without crown: 40 mm
Case Thickness: 13 mm
5 ATM water resistant
Weight 84g including bracelet
Retail price: 1.390 EUR

The Mathis Montabon´s Squelette silver has also a nickel-free stainless steel box and a comfortable leather bracelet. Naturally this watch, that belongs to this price range, precludes an automatic caliber (M-5) – 21 stones ensure the necessary quality. The scratch-resistant sapphire glass protects the indicators of date, day, month and 24 hours. The sale price is € 1390 and is located in the middle segment of the luxury prices.

First impression
Our first impression was really good. A nice box created suspense when the Mathis Montabon´s Squelette silver arrived. Then inside you get to the object of desire, which shines in contrast with the dark box and naturally the effect of surprise can only increase. In the box there are the full manual of instructions and the guarantee of plastic that looks like a credit card. The first impression is so and we can only hope that we can keep longer the watch, especially when we have the object only for a short test and then we must return it!

Quality in the test
Obviously, the first impression will not help if the quality is not good. But what is the quality in a watch? When we talk about quality, we test the workmanship (how have been the parts of the watch and movement put together? Have they chosen the right materials? Are there defects such as scratches manufacturing?), the functionality (does the clock work well? Does Everything work correctly and reliably? ) and the vulnerability to external factors
(Swimming, sweat, etc..). The mathis doesn´t satisfy only sufficiently all these criteria but rather it fulfills them almost perfectly!

We recommend Mathis Montabon´s Squelette silver and we hope we have shown its characteristics clearly and understandable. If you have any questions about our services and above all of this text is enough write a comment. We were so glad to to test for you this watch!

Testreport – Mathis Montabon La Magnifique black Zirkonia

MM-13-schwarz-zirkoniaFor a long time we have a look at the La Magnifique by Mathis Montabon. Noble and luxury is it. We are happy, that we can at last test this piece of jewelry by Mathis Montabon:

First impression:
The La Magnifique reached us beautiful packaged in a pretty looking watchbox with guarantee cards. The watch is very nice and is in nature almost more beautiful as on the photos.

Design and manufacture:
This graceful model is absolute succesfully designed by the swiss watch manufacturer. The number dial leaves a significant and nobel impression. It is beset with three real diamonds.On the lunette twinkle zirconia stones about the bet. The beautiful manufactured strap consists of a well done mix of stainless steel and robust ceramic.The watch feels comfortable on the arm. The stainless steel case has witch 43 mm (without crown) a comfortable size. It appears assiduously manufactured. You can’t find any scraches or something similar on our test watch.

The heart of this model is the automatic clock unit „Mathis Montabon caliber M-1100“ with 22 stones. In daily use we couldn’t find any output deviations.

Suitability for daily use:
For comfort in daily use cares the water resistance of 5 bar. So it can also be worn when hand washing or taking a shower. Altough you are tempting to wear the watch only to special causes, it endures – thanks to the saphire glass and robust stainless steel/ceramic-mix – all daily situations. Because the indicator is added with luminous material, you also can read the time easily in less light.

There are different colours variations with black or white with rosegold and silver. Also variations without circonia stones on the lunette are available. We are pleased about the „little black“ by Mathis Montabon. Design and technic convinced us from the beginning. A designerpiece, which also endures our everyday test. We are excited.


Presented : Mathis Montabon Grand Date black-red

We would like to present you a new Mathis Montabon´s model,that captures our attention with its attractive design. We are talking about the Mathis Montabon´s Grande Date black-red.We found this model particularly attractive and therefore we would like to introduce it also to you.

The Grande Date black-red has these data:

  • Article nr. : MM-01
  • Stainless steel box (316L), nickel-free
  • Real leather bracelet
  • Automatic movement Mathis Montabon caliber M-1
  • 20 stones
  • Scratchproof sapphire glass
  • Date indicator
  • Day indicator
  • Month indicator
  • 24-hour display
  • Blued screws
  • Diameter without crown: 46 mm
  • Case Thickness: 15 mm
  • Lug: 24 mm
  • 5 ATM water resistant
  • Weight 144g including Bracelet
  • Retail price: 1,490 EUR

Of course you can also count on a test when we have an equivalent test object!

Presented: the La Magnifique silver Zirkonia of Mathis Montabon

Today we would present an alternative women´s watch – the Mathis Montabon´ s La Magnifique silver Zirkonia. This watch has a stainless steel bracelet and a nickel-free box. The dial is white and it is secure under the high-quality sapphire glass.

Here there is a video about the watch:

Do you like the watch? Here you can find the basic data:

  • Article nr. : MM-13
  • Stainless steel box (316L),nickel-free
  • Real leather bracelet with Flip-lock closure
  • Automatic movement Mathis Montabon caliber M-1100
  • 22 stones
  • Scratchproof sapphire glass
  • Date indicator
  • Day indicator
  • Blued screws
  • Lunette with cubic diamonds (cubic zirconia)
  • Diameter without crown: 43 mm
  • Case Thickness: 13 mm
  • Lug: 20 mm
  • 5 ATM water resistant
  • Weight 149g including Bracelet
  • Retail price: 1,850 EUR


Mathis Montabon Squelette silver

Mathis Montabon Squelette silver is a richly decorated clock. Again some data to provide an overview of what makes a luxury watch like `modern

-Nr. Model: MM-05
-Stainless-steel (316L), nickel-free
-Genuine leather strap
-Automatic movement caliber Montabon-Mathis M-5
-21 rubies
-24 Hours of viewing
-Blued screws
-Diameter without crown: 40 mm
-Case Thickness: 13 mm
-Fin: 20 mm
-5 ATM water resistant
-Weigh 84g ,included bracelet
-Price: 1,390 EUR

To clarify:
Sapphire is the material used to protect against scratches. It is characterized by exceptional sharpness and durability. Unfortunately, it is found only in watches costing more, because the material is more expensive than mineral glass. The automatic movements are the work of the mechanical watches that goes forward through the movements of the same wrist. That’s why these luxury watches are considered modern masterpieces.
Blued screws / pointers are an original aspect. The color blue is a metal finishing process that protects against corrosions. This process is also done in the armor and swords!

So Mathis Montabon Squelette Silver combines many features. For this reason Mathis Montabon can require a certain price. But these watches are more than timepieces, they are status symbols, helpers, and finally an investment. The price is only the second violin, though when you buy a watch like this contains all these qualities.