Very Attractive: André Belfort Sous les mers „Pepsi“

Absolutely timeless, masculine and sporty: The André Belfort Sous les mers iss not only the perfect companion for trips into the abyss but also in day-to-day life. Diving watches have long since earned their place on the wrists of the masses and no longer have to limit themselves to adventures and leisure time. This is especially true for the more reserved versions in dark colours or those which come in classic designs, such as the model we introduce today.

The dial of the André Belfort Sous les mers features a design that is as simple as it is traditional. The large size of the hour-markers and hands guarantees excellent legibility in the dark and under water thanks to the generous use of lume. A scratch-resistant sapphire crystal protects the dial and comes with a cyclops – a magnifying glass – right above the date window at the 3 o’clock position.
The bezel completes the attractive appearance of the Sous les mers and, not least because of its large numerals, contributes decisively to the characteristic appearance of this diver’s watch. Of course, all variants are beautiful, but the striking two-tone design – especially in the timeless red and blue „Pepsi“ version – is particularly popular with watch enthusiasts. As with all diver’s watches, the bezel of the Sous les mers can be only moved clockwise to prevent an accidental (and potentially deadly) extending the dive time.

With a diameter of 44 mm, the Sous les mers is a larger model and is therefore fully in line with the latest trends. Fans of sporty watches in particular prefer a bigger diameter. Especially in the case of diving watches, where excellent legibility is always the top priority, the dial must not only be clearly structured but also large enough.
The partly brushed and partly polished details of the case and the stainless steel bracelet create a charming overall picture, which is further enhanced by the serrations on the bezel.
The case is water-resistant to 30 bar or 300 metres and is equipped with a helium valve at the 9 o’clock position. This guarantees an automatic release of all gases that may have penetrated the case during the dive, so they cannot damage the watch on the way to the surface.

The Sous les mers is powered by a reliable, high-performance automatic movement with a power reserve of 38 hours.

In addition to the two-tone model presented here, André Belfort offers the Sous les mers in 10 other colours, fitted with stainless steel or silicon bracelets.

André Belfort Sirène: Feminine Elegance in Ceramic

André Belfort is known for making stunning wristwatches powered solely and exclusively by automatic movements – not only in the men’s watches, but in those for women as well. This is a rare feat, and something all watch enthusiasts (especially the female ones) would love to see more of. So today, we are introducing the André Belfort Sirène, a beautiful ceramic wristwatch, made for both sexes.

The André Belfort Sirène is a big and beautiful ceramic wristwatch, which comes in two basic versions – in white or black ceramic. The case measures 41 mm in diameter, which is slightly on the bigger side regarding unisex watches. But since big watches are still totally en vogue, it’s a size, most women should be comfortable with. The case is water resistant up to 5 atm which means, that the Sirène will play well in all every day scenarios. But since the ceramic case comes with a stainless steel case, it packs quite a punch and is maybe not as light as one might expect, so be prepared.

The dial combines a variety of subdials with big, polished, applied Roman numerals. Hours, minutes and seconds are displayed by central hands, equipped with lume. At 3 o’clock you’ll find the subdial of the month, at 9 o’clock the subdial for the day of the week. Now, the subdial at 6 o’clock is slightly larger and comes not only with a day/night display via a beautiful sun and moon disc but with a 24-hour-display. At the 4.30 position, André Belfort has wedged a small date window between the numerals.
The colors on the dial mirror the colors used on the bezel, crown and pushers – stainless steel, gold or pink gold, which creates an overall handsome and consistent look. The dial is protected by a scratch resistant sapphire crystal and framed by a beautiful bezel, fitted with a ceramic inlay.

Like mentioned above, the André Belfort Sirène is powered by an automatic movement, the calibre AB-7110. It provides a power-reserve of approximately 38 hours.

The ceramic case of the André Belfort Sirène is completed by a ceramic bracelet which means, that this watch is especially easy to clean and maintain. Ceramic watches tend to feel good – and look good – for a very long time.

The André Belfort Le Maître is a classic Dress Watch

For everyone who wears mostly casual watches with a sporty attitude the purchase of a classic Dress Watch is probably not on top of the list when it comes to must-haves. But there are recurring events in everyone’s life – accompanied by a certain dress code – where the only option is to wear a decent Dress Watch ore none at all. A. Lange & Söhne, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Piaget, Rolex and other manufacturers have several impeccable pieces for this kind of occasions in their collections and each would be an excellent choice. But does a lover of casual watches want to spend a lot of money on a piece that is only in his collection for rare events? Maybe not.
That’s why we introduce a new, completely Swiss made timepiece today that goes nicely with a fancy suit while not being incredible expensive: The André Belfort Le Maître.

Andre_Belfort_Le_Maitre_3The André Belfort Le Maître is a rather simple wristwatch that comes in a variety of different options. From very classy with a white dial and a stainless steel case, completed by a black leather strap up to a black dial combined with a PVD-coated gold case and a matching bracelet.
The dials are dominated by big roman numerals, the three hands are long, slender and come in a classic design. Besides that every dial shows a beautiful weaving pattern. The Le Maître features hours, minutes and seconds as well as a date window at 3 o’clock and a sapphire crystal.

The stainless steel case is round and the lugs are rounded too. That complements the look of the watch and assures that it sits perfectly on the wrist. With a diameter of 42 mm and a height of 11 mm the Le Maître comes in a reasonable and comfortable size. The watch is not too small for the male wrist while being understated.
The cases of all watches are water-resistant up to 10 atm.

Andre_Belfort_Le_Maitre_2 The André Belfort Le Maître is powered by a Sellita SW200-1. The Swiss made automatic calibre has proven itself over and over again. It is one of the most widely used movements in a variety of watches from different manufacturers. It is known for its reliability and dependability, working powerful and precise. The sapphire crystal case back makes sure the calibre can be observed while working.

We think that one can’t go wrong with any of these watches. With six different versions everyone should find itself a suitable piece. And prices ranging from 2.600€ to 3.000€ for Swiss made automatic watches are reasonable.


André Belfort Grand Voyage: Good things happen when you’re abroad…

André Belfort Grad Voyage: the perfect traveling companion

AB-Grand Voyage_schwarzTo turn your journey into a very good one, the André Belfort Grand Voyage watch is your first choice.

Featuring displays for day, month and 24 hours, the Grand Voyage has packed something special: it shows a second time zone. Surely, this is a functionality that globetrotters don’t want to miss.

The Grand Voyage is powered by the reliable André Belfort ETK 6701 automatic caliber with 20 jewels. Precious and sturdy at the same time, its massive stainless steel case and its scratch-resistant saphire glass dome withstand all turbulences. Coming with a rosegold coating and a fashionable leather strap, this watch definitely is an upgrade to business class.

André Belfort wishes you a safe and pleasant trip.

I tested André Belfort Voilier

I L O V E watches. And especially those with a sporty and modern design. This is why I nearly jumped out of my chair when I read that I get to test André Belfort Voilier. The watch is absolutely my taste!

The outside:
The design of the dial is very modern. The extraordinary design elements are impressive. I especially like the balance wheel with the two blued screws. You can even see the the automatic watch movement. Genius! The calendar indication reminds me on the speedometer of a racing car. Anyway, the whole design of André Belfort Voilier sreams dynamic and sportiness. The watch has luminous hands – so you can read the time even under poor light conditions. The watch case as well as the strap (with folding clasp) are made of solid stainless steel. I like it’s matted surface and the carbon structure that embellishes the strap.

The inside:
Behind scratch proof sapphire glass works the automatic watch movement André Belfort Kaliber ETK 831 with 33 stones. I can confirm what I read on different watch boards and magazines – it is very reliable. André Belfort Voilier is waterproof to 5 bar.

The lesson is clear: The Voilier is an awesome watch! It delivers what it promises!


André Belfort Calendrier: good value for your money

Wristwatches for men, or should we say: gentlemen, should meet certain criteria, especially one: They should be both high-quality and classy. André Belfort’s new model „Calendrier“ meets both criteria very well.


The „Calendrier“ — we tested the „Steel silver“ model looks classical: A finely sewn black leather strap is signalling the Swiss watch manufacturer means serious business: We’re talking luxury watches now. The matted dial is nicely contrasted by the big numerals forming one unit with the day, month and date display. We especially like the stainless stell casing (316 BL).

The alignment of the display follows classical design principles and turns the watch into a timeless masterpiece — if this makes any sense when we’re talking watches. Sapphire glass enhances the value and sees to it that scratches don’t stand a chance. The control elements of the „Calendrier“ are robust and give it a certain James Bond charm.

Other variations of the „Calendrier“ include „steel black“, „steel brown“, „IP black“ and „gold silver“. All versions come with genuine leather straps.


The self-winding André Belfort caliber ETK 5602 movement is waterproof up to 5 atm and should be fit for daily use. 20 jewels see to it that the watch is running smoothly. The entire workings are safely housed in a 14 millimeter (0.55″) casing.

We like it. And so should you.

André Belfort Chronographe Royale – Hasta la vista Baby!

It almost looks like it’s arisen from a sience fiction movie – the Chronogrape Royale by André Belfort –  and puts one in mind of the Terminatior is turning round the corner right now to put it on his wrist. Masculine and elegant is the way how it represents itself. Tough exterior and real pushover? We want to check this out…There are two colour variants available. Steel/silver and steel/black. For our test we decided to take the plain-coloured type in steel / silver.

Design and manufacture
The André Belfort Chronographe Royale seems to be manufactured carefully. Scratches or material defects? – far from it. Due to its stately weight the Chronographe Royal appears presentable in an adequate way. The stainless steel case has a diameter of 43 mm – masculine to all intents and purposes. A supreme wearing comfort is assured with its real flip-lock leather strap. Also the design is harmonious. The honeycomb-structure of the clock face continues on the stainless steel strap.The totalisators in simply black are well silhouetted against the clock face and therefore well legible.

Behind scratch-proof saphireglass works the automatic clock unit André Belfort „caliber ETK 810“. In daily use the clock unit is proved as accurate and authentic. The ajustment of the clock with the crown is unproblematic. The feel of the deadener and the crown convince. As a special highlight the Chronograph Royale brings a Tachymetrescale to calculate speeds with it. We are exited!

The timeindicator Chronographe Royale from Belfort has really Science-Fiction potential. It convinces with its high class manufacture, its authentic clock unit and at last with its masculine design.Quality has of course its price. The recommended retail price of the manufacturer is 2190 Euro.


Test: André Befort Le Capitaine silver

Zoom_AB_8110_silberTechnical data:

  • Automatic clock unit André Belfort caliber ETK 811
  • Stainless steel case and -strap
  • Scratch proof saphireglass
  • Date display with loupe
  • Day display
  • Month display
  • 24-hours display
  • Aperture without crown: 38 mm
  • Height of the case: 14 mm
  • 5 ATM pressure tested
  • Retail price: 1695 €


Design and technic:

It feels comfortable on the arm. This is the first thing that attractes attention to us, when we removed the „Le Capitaine“ out of it’s attractive box and put it on. The watch has a goodly weight and also its case aperture of 38 mm gives the „Le Capitaine“ a suitable being. The high quality stainless steel strap is with a Fliplock buckle to lock. Also its modern and balanced design pleases, which gives the clock its own charakter. The time indicator of André Belfort looks assiduously  manufactured. Our test model shows optical no scarcities or scratches. In daily use, the automatic clock unit is accurate and authentic.
We cannot report of any gait deviations. Setting and serving the watch with the protected crown is unproblematic. Feeling of deadener and crown convinces us. For comfort in daily use cares the water resistance of 5 bar.

For a really goodly price you get, with the Le capitaine by André Belfort, a qualitative massive watch which combines functionality and design.

Test: André Belfort Aphrodite steel

AB-6010-stahl1 AB-6010-stahl4

From the Greek Mythology everybody knows Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty, desire and love. Doubtlessly the Aphrodite from André Belfort is a very beautiful watch. And we can feel a sudden desire to order this watch and to test it. But what we don’t know yet is whether we are going to love the watch after our tests. But let’s find out:

Packaging and first impression
After only a couple of days the „beauty“ from André Belfort arrives. The watch is packed thoroughly in a precious box with guarantee card and manual. The watch looks terrific! Beautifully and graceful. We are awaiting eagerly to put on the watch for the first time. With its ceramic bracelet the watch feels comfortably on the wrist.  The weight and the watch case diameter of 38 mm gives her a very nice attendance.

Workmanship and design
Also at a second glance we cannot find any processing errors, scratches or the like. The top-quality materials were processed carefully. The design is convincing. It looks very noble and precious but doesn’t seem fussy or flashy at all. Have we already mentioned that only top-quality materials were used for this watch? – Stainless steel, ceramic and …. happy scream…. diamonds. Four diamonds embellishes the dial of the Aphrodite.

Movement and features
The beating heart of André Belfort´s Aphrodite is the automatic movement Myiota with 21 stones which works behind scratch proof sapphire glass. During our tests we did not notice any noteworthy gait deviation. The handling of  the watch is easy. The Aphrodite is water-resistant to 50 meter. That means you can leave the watch on while washing your hands or taking a shower.

The Aphrodite lives up to it’s name. We fell in love with this watch from the very first moment. Who also wants to fall in love with the Aphrodite has to be quick. The watch is limited to 500.

AB-6010-stahl2 AB-6010-stahl5

Test report: André Belfort Nouvelle Renaissance rose gold silver

Let me promise you that this will be the last André Belfort test report for today. But since we have introduced André Belfort’s Nouvelle Renaissance rose gold silver to you earlier this year we would like to also provide you with our test report for this luxury mens watch.
The reason for the delay was again that it took time between the ordering of the test object and its receipt. But truly as a luxury watch manufacturer, I would want to make sure that the person to whom I send a test object for free really desires to get it.

First impression

The André Belfort Nouvelle Renaissance rose gold silver arrives in a classy black box. This box itself made a very good impression on us. Inside we found
– besides André Belfort’s Nouvelle Renaissance rose gold silver of course – detailed instructions for use and a guarantee. The first trying on. We can say one thing for sure: the Nouvelle Renaissance rose gold silver gives us a very glamorous feeling !

Quality and finish

The André Belfort Nouvelle Renaissance rose gold silver is very well manufactured and impresses with the high quality of its materials.
We have examined this mens watch thoroughly, have opened it and studied the movement. What we have discovered impressed us. You usually don’t find
such a high quality movement – even in this price range ! According to our opinion, the André Belfort Nouvelle Renaissance rose gold silver
shows a high quality in its workmanship.


The André Belfort Nouvelle Renaissance rose gold silver offers in addition to a solid finish and a high quality workmanship nomerous functionalities. Date, day and month display, scratch proof sapphire glass, authentic leather wristband. The design is convincing. This is an outstanding watch !


The André Belfort Nouvelle Renaissance rose gold silver is a wonderful wrist watch for man in the segment of luxury watches. Not
everyone can afford to wear such a watch because the price is high ! But we can absolutely recommend André Belfort’s Nouvelle Renaissance rose gold