Zenith El Primero Stratos becomes the first watch to break the speed of sound with Felix Baumgartner

Wearing the Zenith El Primero Stratos, Felix Baumgartner jumped out of a capsule suspended from a balloon in the stratosphere at an altitude of more than 39 km last summer.

The chronograph Baumgartner was wearing is actually available for anyone to buy. The stainless steel case displays Baumgartner’s motto, “Learn to love what you have been taught to fear.” The dial is protected by a nostalgically domed version of the second-hardest substance known to man: sapphire crystal. The automatic movement powers a flyback chronograph, which means that timing intervals can be reset without having to first start and stop—a necessary function when the short amount of time at one’s disposal under duress can mean the difference between life and death.

The fact that one of Zenith’s timepieces was the first to break the sound barrier in a near space environment with Felix Baumgartner once again proves the brands reliability under extreme conditions.


Investment luxury watch: What should investors know

After the economic crisis and the consequent fear of inflation, many investors are now focusing on new investment opportunities, such as gold, real estate and luxury watches. In insider-circles luxury watches are considered to be an investment with a high yield prospects.

Alfredo Paramico, a banker from Milan, founded the first watch investment company in 2010. Its share-index grew in the first half of 2012 by 18.2 percent. In comparison, the S + P stock index only grew by 11.2 percent within the same period! That means a special luxury watch can increase its value significantly within a few years – regardless of the economic situation.

What should investors know:

No one can say for sure which increase of value a luxury watch will show over the time.
Some models win particularly on value because celebrities are wearing them in public. The watch should definitely be a limited edition and should be undamaged. Individual designs and exceptional features are additionally increasing the value. Also a high quality finishing like Diamond-Like-Carbon-Coating can increases the value. Investors should therefore not only look for specific brands but also for refined luxury watches.

Collector watches – this is what matters:

1. Certificate of Authenticity

2. Limited Edition

3. Mechanical and independently-produced movement

4. No scratches or damages

5. Regular maintenance

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M „Skyfall“: Feel like a secret agent

Just recently the popular wristwatch manufacturer Omega intruduced his latest limited edition Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M.

Already for the seventh time the Omega snatched a minor part in a Bond movie. In the latest Bond adventure „Skyfall“ Daniel Craig is wearing the Omega Seamster.

With his watches, James Bond fires bombs or generates laser beams. Although the latest Omega model cannot offer this you’ll feel like a super secret agent by just wearing it.


Fortis Anniversary Contest – flying to the moon and back

Everybody who ever dreamed of being an astronaut has now the chance to experience micro gravity here on earth.

In celebration of Fortis 100th anniversary, the popular Swiss watch manufacturer started his Space Art Contest.

The winner gets a parabolic flight and a Fortis chronograph.


Edoc Iceman II Limited Edition: A true diver’s tool

The new Edox Iceman II Limited Edition is truly a statement watch. Water resistant to 1000 meters, with an ultra robust and reliable chronograph movement. The deep black case reflects the depth of the water while the anthracite dial enables optimal readability. Fitted with a genuine rubber strap, this time piece is a true diver’s tool.

Riko Kona – Kailua Chrono: Silicone can be glamorous!

Can silicone be glamorous? I asked myself before I ordered the Kailua Chrono from Riko Kona. A silicone chronograph that looks kind of upscale. I’m a glamour girl and I don’t wanna devalue my hand picked evening outfits with a silicone chronograph. I was sceptical – but I wanted to find out.


After a couple of days I received the package with my new Kailua Chrono from Riko Kona. The chronograph itself comes in a transparent plastic box with a hexagonal shape. Looks funky. I like it!

Quality and Design:

I cannot find any scratches or signs of poor workmanship. The watch looks really sturdy. The wristband is soft and feels comfortably. I like the gold parts. They harmonize so well with the rest of the watch. The design is indeed glamorous – not like the rest of the silicone watches out there. Definitely more upscale.

My conclusion:

From this day on I kind of like silicone watches. But still – not every silicone watch is the perfect companion for me. Only my new Kailua Chrono from Riko Kona is allowed to party with me all night long! It goes perfectly with my evening outfits!

Test report: André Belfort Nouvelle Renaissance rose gold silver

Let me promise you that this will be the last André Belfort test report for today. But since we have introduced André Belfort’s Nouvelle Renaissance rose gold silver to you earlier this year we would like to also provide you with our test report for this luxury mens watch.
The reason for the delay was again that it took time between the ordering of the test object and its receipt. But truly as a luxury watch manufacturer, I would want to make sure that the person to whom I send a test object for free really desires to get it.

First impression

The André Belfort Nouvelle Renaissance rose gold silver arrives in a classy black box. This box itself made a very good impression on us. Inside we found
– besides André Belfort’s Nouvelle Renaissance rose gold silver of course – detailed instructions for use and a guarantee. The first trying on. We can say one thing for sure: the Nouvelle Renaissance rose gold silver gives us a very glamorous feeling !

Quality and finish

The André Belfort Nouvelle Renaissance rose gold silver is very well manufactured and impresses with the high quality of its materials.
We have examined this mens watch thoroughly, have opened it and studied the movement. What we have discovered impressed us. You usually don’t find
such a high quality movement – even in this price range ! According to our opinion, the André Belfort Nouvelle Renaissance rose gold silver
shows a high quality in its workmanship.


The André Belfort Nouvelle Renaissance rose gold silver offers in addition to a solid finish and a high quality workmanship nomerous functionalities. Date, day and month display, scratch proof sapphire glass, authentic leather wristband. The design is convincing. This is an outstanding watch !


The André Belfort Nouvelle Renaissance rose gold silver is a wonderful wrist watch for man in the segment of luxury watches. Not
everyone can afford to wear such a watch because the price is high ! But we can absolutely recommend André Belfort’s Nouvelle Renaissance rose gold

Test report: The watch Grande Classe steel blue from André Belfort

As previously announced- we also would like to introduce you the watch Grande Classe steel blue from André Belfort! Unfortunately we had to wait much longer than usual for this beauty – but it was totally worth it! We do not often have the privilege to test such a luxury watch. Here are our test resuluts:

Packaging and first impression
As all the other André Belfort watches, the Grande Classe steel blue  comes in a  very elegant and luxury packaging. Inside the box we find – besides the watch – a beautiful designed guarantee card and an easy to read manual. Our first impression is very positive We have rarely seen such a masterpiece on our desk.


Reliability and suitability for daily use
During our daily tests, the Grande Classe steel blue from André Belfort has been able to convince us all along the line. We found no problems neither
by tests during sporting activities as well as through the reliability ones. Nothing can disarray this André Belfort watch, it is particularly
accurate within the tolerance values. However these are absolutely correct and corresponding to what can be expected from an automatic watch.

Quality and workmanship
André Belford’s Grande Classe is wonderfully manufactured
and captivates through its high complexity. How could it be different? We couldn’t find any
scratches, no drop of oil, not even a grain of dust or bad aroma. André Belfort lives up to its reputation with the Grande Classe steel blue!

We are very impressed.Great quality – great watch!

Grey Goose Winter Ball: Singer Labrinth auctioned his Raymond WEIL to support Elton John´s AIDS foundatio

On November 10, 2012 the sixth Grey Goose Winter Ball was hosted by Elton John. International Stars like Kevin Spacey, Elisabeth Hurley, David Furnish and Bill Clinton made an appearance at the popular charity event.

Singer Labrinth auctioned his limited edition Raymond WEIL wristwatch.

Kevin Spacey placed the winning bid and contributed £180.000 (approx. 222.000 EUR) to the charity foundation. This was the hightest amount an auction item ever generated at a Grey Goose Winter Ball.


The meaning of „AM and „PM“

The abbreviations „AM“ (a.m.) und „PM“ (p.m.) can be found pretty often on digital watches. They are coming from Latin words. AM means „ante meridiem“ in English „for midday“. PM comes from „post meridiem“, which „after midday“.

The AM and the PM display will be used when a digital watch can only show the numbers 1 to 12. AM or PM appears next to it to be able to differentiate morning and afternoon or evening.

There are exceptions (e.g. the „Ibiza Ride“ of Binary) showing either the AM or the PM display. When the corresponding display doesn’t appear, it concerns logically the time of the day which won’t be displayed.

The following pictures of a digital watch show left and right the same time. On the left side it is 09:31 PM on the right side 21:31.

AM PM differences