Riko Kona – Waipio: Aloha! Make my day!

A new outfit for every day – why not having the fitting watche to my outfit? That’s what I was asking myself. The very next day I ordered three Riko Kona watches. The model „Waipio“ in red, white and blue. Should go great with most of my outfits!


I ordered the Riko Kona watches online. After 2 days I received the package with my three new Waipios. The watch itself came in a hexagonal transparent plastic box that makes also a perfect decoration item.

Quality and Design

Riko Kona’s Waipios took my heart immediately. The design is perfect and the colors are vibrant. My mood lighted up at once. Because of its soft silicone wristband and the light weight the Waipio is an absolute delight to wear. Lucky me that the watch is also waterproof. So I can take it to the beach with me.


Riko Kona’s Waipio is a feeling-good watch. The quality is very good, the wristband is soft, the colors are vibrant – simply a joy to wear.

The Waipio is available in blue, red, purple, green, black, white, grey and brown.

So no more day without the fitting wristwatch to my outfit!

Sirène – André Belfort: noble and though

Christmas is just around thecorner and some of us are still looking for Christmas presents for the beloved ones. Therefore, we would like to introduce a very special watch to you. André Belfort’s premium automatic watch „Sirène“.

Packaging and first impression

We ordered André Belfort’s Sirène in gold/black online. The watch arrived in a solid carton box and was itself packed in a precious gift box that also includes a warranty card and an easy-to-read manual.

Quality and Workmanship

André Belfort’s Sirène is powered by the valuable automatic watch mechanism André Belfort Kaliber ETK 6702. The watch case is made out of ceramic and stainless steel and

also includes scratch-proof sapphire glass. Overall, a very good first impression!

Functionality and suitability for daily use

We administered several tests to check the watch’s suitability for daily use . Thanks to its solid ceramic and stainless steel case and the scratch-proof sapphire glass the André Belfort’s Sirène passed our numerous tests with flying colors.


The watch could totally convince us. A high quality wrist watch that is solid enough to survive in everyday life. A great watch!