May We Introduce: Grant – MB&F’s New Machine

MB&F and L’Epée once more joined forces to introduce a new collaboration.Grant is a triple-tracked, Mad-Max-cross-Transformer robot clock on a mission. In today’s fast-paced, always-on, 24/7 world, we are under constant bombardement from time: seconds race by; there is never enough; everyone wants more; and it keeps getting faster and faster. Once, the nearest hour was precise enough – now our clocks are exact to a second. Who feels stressed, can relax: help is at hand, Grant is here.

Grant is a robot with a time display on his shield and a mission to slow things down when time runs too fast. That’s why MB&F has decided to refrain from flashing digital numbers or a constantly spinning second hand. This way, Grant transforms frantic chaos into relaxing hours and minutes, wich is really all, anyone really needs.

While Grant’s time moves relatively slow, he can travel quickly over rough terrain (or the messiest desk) on his three operational rubber tracks. Grant can also transform into one of three different modes: lying horizontally over his chassis for a low profile; crouching at 45 degrees; and sitting up 90 degrees. Grant’s time shield can always be set to a comfortable and optimal viewing angle.

Whatever the angle, Grant’s highly polished clockwork is on full display, and you can follow every click and turn of the gears. The mainspring barrel click near his „belly button“ is particularly mesmerizing in operation. The isochronal oscillations of the regulator keeping time in Grant’s glass-domed „brain“ are evidence of the clockwork’s high precision. Watching Grant „think“ in real time is a stress-relieving activity in itself: Thus, Grant transforms time so that its observer can relax and enjoy it.
Grant’s 8-day, in-line manufacture movement features the same superlative fine finishing as found on the finest wristwatches: Geneva waves, anglage, polishing, sandblasting, plus circular and vertical satin finishing.

Grants Uhrwerk ist auf Hochglanz poliert und aus jedem Blickwinkel vollständig einsehbar, so dass man jedes Einrasten und Drehen der Zahnräder verfolgen kann. Besonders faszinierend ist es, die Sperre des Federhauses in der Nähe von Grants „Bauchnabel“ in Aktion zu beobachten. Die isochronon Schwingungen des Gangreglers, der im „Gehirn“ unter dem Glashelm die Zeit misst, zeugen von der hohen Präzision des Uhrwerks. Schon, wenn man Grant beim „Denken“ in Echtzeit beobachtet, merkt man, wie der Stress abnimmt. Und so verwandelt der Roboter Zeit in solche, die entspannt genossen werden kann.

While he doesn’t look for fights, Grant believes offense is a great form of defense and packs appropriate weaponry. His left arm holds a „you-really-don’t-want-to-mess-with-me“ spinning disk, while his right arm clasps a removable grenade launcher. And with the latter, he has a surprise up his sleeve: it is removable and doubles as a winding and time-setting key for his clockwork.
Grant is a lot of things, but small is not one of them. He measures 115 mm in height, 212 mm in width and 231 mm in length in the flat position. In the vertical position, Grant measures 166 mm in height, 212 mm in width and 238 mm in length. The contains 269 components and weighs 2.34 kilograms.

Grant is available in three limited editions of 50 pieces each in Nickel, Black, and Blue.

Riko Kona – Waipio: Aloha! Make my day!

A new outfit for every day – why not having the fitting watche to my outfit? That’s what I was asking myself. The very next day I ordered three Riko Kona watches. The model „Waipio“ in red, white and blue. Should go great with most of my outfits!


I ordered the Riko Kona watches online. After 2 days I received the package with my three new Waipios. The watch itself came in a hexagonal transparent plastic box that makes also a perfect decoration item.

Quality and Design

Riko Kona’s Waipios took my heart immediately. The design is perfect and the colors are vibrant. My mood lighted up at once. Because of its soft silicone wristband and the light weight the Waipio is an absolute delight to wear. Lucky me that the watch is also waterproof. So I can take it to the beach with me.


Riko Kona’s Waipio is a feeling-good watch. The quality is very good, the wristband is soft, the colors are vibrant – simply a joy to wear.

The Waipio is available in blue, red, purple, green, black, white, grey and brown.

So no more day without the fitting wristwatch to my outfit!

Sirène – André Belfort: noble and though

Christmas is just around thecorner and some of us are still looking for Christmas presents for the beloved ones. Therefore, we would like to introduce a very special watch to you. André Belfort’s premium automatic watch „Sirène“.

Packaging and first impression

We ordered André Belfort’s Sirène in gold/black online. The watch arrived in a solid carton box and was itself packed in a precious gift box that also includes a warranty card and an easy-to-read manual.

Quality and Workmanship

André Belfort’s Sirène is powered by the valuable automatic watch mechanism André Belfort Kaliber ETK 6702. The watch case is made out of ceramic and stainless steel and

also includes scratch-proof sapphire glass. Overall, a very good first impression!

Functionality and suitability for daily use

We administered several tests to check the watch’s suitability for daily use . Thanks to its solid ceramic and stainless steel case and the scratch-proof sapphire glass the André Belfort’s Sirène passed our numerous tests with flying colors.


The watch could totally convince us. A high quality wrist watch that is solid enough to survive in everyday life. A great watch!