André Belfort Grand Voyage: Good things happen when you’re abroad…

André Belfort Grad Voyage: the perfect traveling companion

AB-Grand Voyage_schwarzTo turn your journey into a very good one, the André Belfort Grand Voyage watch is your first choice.

Featuring displays for day, month and 24 hours, the Grand Voyage has packed something special: it shows a second time zone. Surely, this is a functionality that globetrotters don’t want to miss.

The Grand Voyage is powered by the reliable André Belfort ETK 6701 automatic caliber with 20 jewels. Precious and sturdy at the same time, its massive stainless steel case and its scratch-resistant saphire glass dome withstand all turbulences. Coming with a rosegold coating and a fashionable leather strap, this watch definitely is an upgrade to business class.

André Belfort wishes you a safe and pleasant trip.