Test report: Mathis Montabon le Général

We put several Mathis Montabon watches to the acid test. The Le Général passed all our tests with flying colors. The name Mathis Montabon stands for high quality luxury watches, precision and durability.

Only top-quality  materials were used for the fabrication of le Général. The stainless steel  watch case has an impressive size. The watch case has a diameter of  47mm and a height of 15mm. The watch is equipped with scratch proof sapphire glass. The movement Mathis Montabon Kaliber M-3 with 21 stones is a durable and high-quality automatic movement. The dial shows a display for the day / month,  a 24h display and a sun/moon disk.

The real leather wristband is soft and feels comfortable on the wrist. The watch is waterproof up to 5 atm. The collection includes four different styles with white, red, blue or green colored second hands and a minute ring in the same color.

The price of our test model is 1.420 EUR. That’s an adequate price for a high quality watch that successfully combines functionality and design.



Presented: Mathis Montabon´s Rectiligne brown

MM-11-braunToday we have for you the test of a very particular watch – the Mathis Montabon´s Rectiligne brown! This noble friend for the demanding man is characterized by its extreme elegance. This watch is particularly suitable for the office and for special occasions, but also for leisure and sport!

Package and first impression
When the watch reached us it was packed in a thick carton. We find the Rectiligne brown in a black gift box. In the box near the watch there are the plastic guarantee and the complete and easy to understand manual of instructions. This package gives an elegant and expensive aspect to the watch and leaves no doubt about its quality!

Quality and processing
A very complicated and highly treated automatic movement drives the Mathis Montabon´s Rectiligne brown. We were also able to open the box for locating quality defects. But also from the outside you can not see anything like this. We have not found no scratches or poor workmanship or materials. Even in this case is true, the overall impression that the brown Rectiligne gives.

Function and everyday use
Based on our tests, also in this case the Mathis can convince of its best quality. Tests were not a problem for this wonderful watch that has shown great qualities. For example, the scratch resistance of the glass (it is not impossible to have a scratch on the glass, but it is very difficult!), and the extremely high accuracy, that is better compared to many cheap quartz watches.

We are very impressed with the test results of Mathis Montabon´s Rectiligne brown. So impressed that we repeated the test more times, because we could not believe the results obtained! One recommendation is therefore granted and we like to talk about this. This watch is absolutely great for any lover of watches-collector but it is also suitable for the “Eight – the average consumer”.

Testreport – Mathis Montabon La Magnifique black Zirkonia

MM-13-schwarz-zirkoniaFor a long time we have a look at the La Magnifique by Mathis Montabon. Noble and luxury is it. We are happy, that we can at last test this piece of jewelry by Mathis Montabon:

First impression:
The La Magnifique reached us beautiful packaged in a pretty looking watchbox with guarantee cards. The watch is very nice and is in nature almost more beautiful as on the photos.

Design and manufacture:
This graceful model is absolute succesfully designed by the swiss watch manufacturer. The number dial leaves a significant and nobel impression. It is beset with three real diamonds.On the lunette twinkle zirconia stones about the bet. The beautiful manufactured strap consists of a well done mix of stainless steel and robust ceramic.The watch feels comfortable on the arm. The stainless steel case has witch 43 mm (without crown) a comfortable size. It appears assiduously manufactured. You can’t find any scraches or something similar on our test watch.

The heart of this model is the automatic clock unit “Mathis Montabon caliber M-1100” with 22 stones. In daily use we couldn’t find any output deviations.

Suitability for daily use:
For comfort in daily use cares the water resistance of 5 bar. So it can also be worn when hand washing or taking a shower. Altough you are tempting to wear the watch only to special causes, it endures – thanks to the saphire glass and robust stainless steel/ceramic-mix – all daily situations. Because the indicator is added with luminous material, you also can read the time easily in less light.

There are different colours variations with black or white with rosegold and silver. Also variations without circonia stones on the lunette are available. We are pleased about the “little black” by Mathis Montabon. Design and technic convinced us from the beginning. A designerpiece, which also endures our everyday test. We are excited.