Modern diver’s watch design: Chrono Diamond Urano

Urano_braun_IP_frontSome time ago, I reported about the Chrono Diamond Furia, and the fact that I like it pretty much. Now, I’m wearing the Urano. And I like that model even a bit more.

The main reason for that is its design. I like the classic Pepsi look, it’s typically diver. The Urano plays with that theme, but without being a diver. I like it. The Pepsi design has been applied to the bezel and enforces a crisp and clean look.

The hour markers are suitably heavy, as well as the hands. Combined, they result in a watch with clear readability – something I appreciate very much. At the three o’clock position, I find the date display, small and unobstrusive. Like the Furia, the Chrono Diamond Urano comes with a chronograph function.

Despite its 44mm case (without crown), I think the Urano can be worn easily with a suit. That’s something many a monster in my collection just can’t handle. The Urano pulls it off easily. I chose the IP-brown variant, but you can also have stainless steel or black.

Playful as well: the second hand looking like a plane. This turns the Urano into an object well suited for the jet set. But this watch can do a lot better than just that. Limited edition: 3000 pieces. The price is around 1650 Euros (recommended retail price).