The 4th of July is coming up: Shinola celebrates with a new Runwell

Shinola builds watches from Swiss components in an attempt to bring high-end manufacturing back to the United States. As we all know, “The Runwell” is Shinola’s flagship watch. It’s about time we say a few words about it and the new special edition presents a perfect opportunity to do so.
With the 4th of July coming up, Shinola presents a new model of The Runwell to celebrate this holiday.


The new Runwell “White Watch” features the American colors, that are so proudly presented all over the country when the 4th of July celebrations are taking place. The dial is white, the Arabic numerals and the markers as well as the dial of the small second are blue and the leather strap is red.
The Runwell shows hours, minutes and a small second – no date. A clear and classic design without much garnish. The numerals and markers are slightly raised and look great on the crisp white dial. The design of the dial is rather plain, which makes it all the more legible. The hour- and minute-hands and have gracefull curves and are painted with Super LumiNova, giving them incredible luminance in the dark.
Like on the regular Runwell models the second’s dial is placed at 6 o’clock. The lightning bolt, which is normally in orange, is on this particular model red, to fit the theme. This applies also on the two other lightning bolts on the crown and the buckle.

The Runwell has a domed sapphire crystal that is appropriately retro and plays nicely with the curved bezel. The crown screws into the body to prevent accidental adjustment.

The engine of the Runwell  is the  Argonite 1069 quartz movement. It is hand-assembled from 46 Swiss-made components (Ronda AG) but manufactured in Detroid by a dozen or so watchmakers. Although many people would like to see Shinola producing an automatic or even mechanical movement, working with quartz allows Shinola to keep their products at an affordable price point.

The case is 41 mm in diameter and therefore suitable even for smaller wrists. Since the case is built from stainless steel, the watch is quite heavy. But it fits perfectly and quite comfortably on the wrist; it has the satisfying weight that immediately makes you believe in the quality of the object you’re dealing with – solid, bold and fearless.

The case back is clearly a reference to the automobile industry (which Detroit is known for) with a stamped metal. Like all Shinola products, each piece has a unique serial number displayed there, emphasizing the limited production numbers of the watch. You’ll also find four screws pushed all the way to the edge of the backing.

The Horween Essex Leather strap is made by Hadley-Roma in Lago, Florida. It’s nice and thick to balance the heft of the solid-steel watch. It is hand-stitched.

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