Make Every Minute Count with the Ressence Type 1 Slim X

When Ressence started in 2010, the manufacture had a clear purpose in mind: to improve the function of the mechanical watch in the 21st century context. After refining legibility, daily wearability and overall intuitiveness, Ressence’s next pursuit is dedicated to being more conscious of the passage of time. As we should all be, every one of us.
The purposeful ambition, to make better use of our time by focusing on our relation to it, starts with the new Type 1 Slim X. This watch is once more inventive and highly creative but also a limited-edition piece, marking the 10th anniversary of Ressence.
For all of us, time is an asset and every day, every one of us gets 24 hours. No more, no less, no exceptions. And still time seems to slip through our hands while we’re busy, moving fast, being over-connected consumers. Our activities seem to have become more and more meaningless and passive. As mentioned, Ressence is dedicated to change our relation to time – the one we have, how we chose to handle and even waste it. So that we can begin again to spend it more consciously, making every minute count.

The Type 1 Slim X is part of the new Collection X. This series marks the first 10 years while Ressence created a dedicated symbol for the collection that is the fusion of an X (ten in Latin) and an hourglass. The hourglass is devoted to make the wearer of the watch more aware of the time that is passing and like every watch in the new collection, the Type 1 Slim X is wearing it on its hour disc. Each of the four watches of the line is limited to 40 pieces and shares the main dark olive-green colour.

Ressence is convinced, that objects primarily designed as tools – such as watches – have to evolve with their time. Featuring the emblematic Ressence ever-changing dial, the Type 1 Slim X’s discs have been given a subtle, but focused makeover. Hand-made of course.
The new design is strictly driven by functionality. It all starts with the Ressence Orbital Convex System ROCS, the in-house developed (and patented) horological unit, which features discs that continually obit around one another. On the Type 1 Slim X, when the watch indicates midnight or midday, the dial is equally divided into two separate finishes; matte on one half and circular on the other half. In a playful way, the different finishes reinterpret the colour as the light hits the surface.
On the minute and the hour discs, the two finishes are a graphical extension of the hands. Once in motion, magic takes on a new meaning. The passage of time can be observed at a glance, a modern and wearable interpretation of an hourglass.

Of course, Ressence has the watch also designed with an organic form – tactile curves and domed sapphire glass are extending to the very edge of the case, making the Type 1 Slim X more sapphire than metal. The watch has no crown, since the winding and setting mechanism are worked into the case back. This makes for better ergonomics, also allowing a perfect left-right fit.
The case is made from titanium and measures 42 mm in diameter. It is only water-resistant up to 1 atm, so do not wear this watch to activities where it can get wet.
We mentioned it earlier, but let’s get back to the ROCS 1 for a minute, the movement that powers this watch. The automatic calibre works with 28,800 vibrations per hour and provides a power-reserve of approximately 36 hours.

Intuitive in viewing and motion, understated in its aesthetics, the Ressence Type 1 Slim X is a playful and relevant companion. It is completed by a olive green calfskin strap, complementing the dial very nicely.

A Contemporary Vision of Haute Horlogerie


Winner of the Horological Revelation award at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève in 2013, the TYPE 3 represents Ressence’s watchmaking philosophy: a balance of technological innovation, mechanical complexity and timeless design.
The approach of Ressence is characterised by the elimination of both standard watch hands and crown, the minimization of the case and the maximization of legibility thanks to oil-filled technology.

The Type 3 builds on the unique patented complication Ressence introduced in 2010 with its Zero series. The ROCS, or Ressence Orbital Convex System, initiated a new way of reading the time without the use of traditional hands. Rather sub-dial discs continually revolve, as does the main disc into which they are set. They are an integral part of the curved dial and their graphs appear to be projected onto the top crystal as if onto a screen.


The ROCS employs a specially modified automatic caliber that gives the minutes, and hence the base calculation of time, from which is extrapolated all the other temporal indications. The TYPE 3 features a six-part display complication: hours, minutes, runner, day of the week, date and oil temperature.
Because the oil’s volume will fluctuate with temperature, the watch is fitted with a system of seven small bellows. these compress when, with rising temperature, the oil volume increases, or expand if the temperature drops and the volume decreases. The result stabilises the fit of the oil within the watch. The system is indirectly connected to the oil temperature gauge on the dial, so the TYPE 3 owner can see a representation of the bellows capacity in action.
As the ROCS is physically separated from the rest of the watch, Ressence developed a unique magnetic transmission. Several 4_type3nmicro magnets, connected to each other, are positioned inside the oil-filled upper half and the dry lower half. The use of super conductors and the provision of a shield fully protect this system from any negative effects of magnetism.
The watch is run by the specially customised 2824/2 calibre, which comes with a 36 hour power reserve.

With the TYPE 3, Ressence introduced its oil-filled technology, a world first in mechanical horology. The entire upper half is filled with 35.7 mm of oil to obtain a visual effect which is stunning and truly unique. This creates an amazing legibility and the dial seems closer.
The TYPE 3’s case comprises two curved sapphire crystal glasses connected by a 2 mm wide titanium band. As a consequence of this curvature, the watch sits only on the middle of the wrist. Characteristic of Ressence design, the lack of a crown also contributes to this exemplary ease of wear. The entire sapphire case-back fulfils the winding and setting functions of the crown.