Be ready for the upcoming football-season with Gaspard Sartre

Gaspard_Sartre_Football_Edition_1Gaspard Sartre, known for its beautiful, minimalistic watches, just introduced new bracelets to extend the current collection – and the colours are what every football fan dreams of. One to support your national football team, one to support your favourite club, ten different colour combinations to switch and mix with your favourite watch. We’re sure these brightly coloured bracelets will quickly find admirer and fans.

Gaspard_Sartre_Football_Edition_2The Gaspard Sartre football collection features the national colours of Brazil, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, the UK, Switzerland and Austria. Additionally you can also find some club colours.
Regardless of the national colours you choose to wear, which club you support, if you’re watching in the stadium or at home – the new colours are standing out on the wrist. And of course they are not only great for football fans. You don’t like football at all? No problem. Nevertheless somewhere within this collection of bright coloured bracelets you will find the right colour-combination that fits your taste.

All the new bracelets can – like every other bracelet from Gaspard Sartre – be bought without a watch. You can choose between two different widths (18 millimetres and 20 millimetres) suitable for the watch you already have at home.
Every bracelet of the Gaspard Sartre Football Edition is equipped with a stainless steel clasp.


All new: Gaspard Sartre watches

Gaspard Sartre has set itself the task of designing watches with a minimalist design and modern look.

G3600-3-ACasual, elegant and with clear styling, the timepieaces are versatile accessories for all occasions. Select a new favourite look, reinvent yourself and your style, you can do that daily with these simple cases with clear, uncluttered dials and the optional changeable bracelets. No matter what size and colour you choose in this uniquely versatile unisex watch – a 36 or 42 millimetre diameter casing, in stainless steel or the versions in black, gold or pink – all possible combinations are available to you with the Gaspard Sartre bracelets.
With every watch you purchase two straps: One colored one and one in black. So from the beginning you have some variety which grows with every additional strap you choose to love.

Create a lasting impression during the day and on the tennis court with a casual Nato-Strap; the leather straps are flattering for more elegant occasions. Depending on your mood, you can wear a different combination on your wrist every day and ask yourself: What’s it going to be today?

In addition to the appearance, attention has been paid to the use of high quality materials – every watch features a precise Ronda quartzmovement inside.