Test report: The watch Grande Classe steel blue from André Belfort

As previously announced- we also would like to introduce you the watch Grande Classe steel blue from André Belfort! Unfortunately we had to wait much longer than usual for this beauty – but it was totally worth it! We do not often have the privilege to test such a luxury watch. Here are our test resuluts:

Packaging and first impression
As all the other André Belfort watches, the Grande Classe steel blue  comes in a  very elegant and luxury packaging. Inside the box we find – besides the watch – a beautiful designed guarantee card and an easy to read manual. Our first impression is very positive We have rarely seen such a masterpiece on our desk.


Reliability and suitability for daily use
During our daily tests, the Grande Classe steel blue from André Belfort has been able to convince us all along the line. We found no problems neither
by tests during sporting activities as well as through the reliability ones. Nothing can disarray this André Belfort watch, it is particularly
accurate within the tolerance values. However these are absolutely correct and corresponding to what can be expected from an automatic watch.

Quality and workmanship
André Belford’s Grande Classe is wonderfully manufactured
and captivates through its high complexity. How could it be different? We couldn’t find any
scratches, no drop of oil, not even a grain of dust or bad aroma. André Belfort lives up to its reputation with the Grande Classe steel blue!

We are very impressed.Great quality – great watch!

The watch Étoile Polaire steel blue from André Belfort

We have already introcuced the watch Étoile Polaire steel blue from André Belfort a couple of months ago and have promised to provide you with our test report at a later time.
Well, better late than never! 😉 Here it is:

The design of André Belfort’s Étoile Polaire steel blue is absolutely convincing and has a sportive touch and captivates particularly with
its sturdy and elegant outer appearance. Talking about men! Those who usually aren’t into classic watches in brown tones and leather wristbands, will love André Belfort’s Étoile Polaire because of it’s casual and at the same time extraordinary design. Well done André Belfort!


Quality and finishing
We can’t find any scratches or processing errors. Typical for André Belfort ist the first class finishing. The chosen materials harmonize well with eachother. The watch meachanism – André Belfort’s own creation – is a reliable companion.

The watch Étoile Polaire steel blue from André Belfort is a solid and sportive watch for a man who is fashion-conscious. The price is high – but justified through the good name André Belfort.

Sirène – André Belfort: noble and though

Christmas is just around thecorner and some of us are still looking for Christmas presents for the beloved ones. Therefore, we would like to introduce a very special watch to you. André Belfort’s premium automatic watch „Sirène“.

Packaging and first impression

We ordered André Belfort’s Sirène in gold/black online. The watch arrived in a solid carton box and was itself packed in a precious gift box that also includes a warranty card and an easy-to-read manual.

Quality and Workmanship

André Belfort’s Sirène is powered by the valuable automatic watch mechanism André Belfort Kaliber ETK 6702. The watch case is made out of ceramic and stainless steel and

also includes scratch-proof sapphire glass. Overall, a very good first impression!

Functionality and suitability for daily use

We administered several tests to check the watch’s suitability for daily use . Thanks to its solid ceramic and stainless steel case and the scratch-proof sapphire glass the André Belfort’s Sirène passed our numerous tests with flying colors.


The watch could totally convince us. A high quality wrist watch that is solid enough to survive in everyday life. A great watch!

Presentation: The watch Étoile Polaire azure from André Belfort

The watch azure Étoile Polaire for men from André Belfort is a very modern, nevertheless elegant and in proper style. It is inspired out of the model of the current collection of a well-known manufacturer of a precise movement. It shows on the blue dial not only the exact time but also the date. The dial sits well protected underneath a hardened mineral glass. An stainless steel bracelet exceedingly comfortable to carry holds this jewel to your arm with a flip-lock.

Andre Belfort Etoile Polaire azure

Here again the most important characteristics of the watch azure Étoile Polaire from André Belfort:

  • Model Nr: AB-4410
  • Stainless steel case (316L) nickel free
  • Stainless steel bracelet with Flip-Lock
  • Automatic movement André Belfort caliber ETK 6602
  • 35 stones
  • Scratch-resistant sapphire glass
  • Date display
  • Day display
  • Month display
  • Diameter without crown: 42,0 mm
  • Height of the case: 13 mm
  • tested to a pressure of 5 bar
  • Recommended retail price: 1595 €

André Belfort Comète

Today we are testing for you the André Belfort Comète. We have thoroughly examined this amazing watch and have submitted it to numerous series of tests in order to be able to give you a proper report about it.

The Comète came to us safely packed in a very nice box – that’s nice but can’t be a basis for an evaluation. For this reason were are giving to you the characteristics of the Comète:

  • Model Nr: AB-9010
  • Stainless steel case (316L) nickel free
  • Stainless steel bracelet with cubic diamonds (zirconia)
  • Automatic movement ETA 2834-2 Swiss Made
  • 25 stones
  • Scratch-resistant sapphire glass
  • Bezel with cubic diamonds (zirconia)
  • Date display
  • Day display
  • Diameter without crown: 35mm
  • Height of the case: 11 mm
  • tested to a pressure of 5 bar
  • numbered limited edition: 2500 pieces
  • recommended retail price: 2790 €

Stainless steel, sapphire glass, zirconia and ETA – anyway it’s quite promising. Now it’s getting to the real thing!

A big sparkling watch appears out of the storage box in the colour variation „steel“. Already now the size and the weight of this watch are impressing you. The finishing appears at the first look of very good quality. Well, we want to open the watch !

The outer appearance

André Belfort Comète silverSparkling, everything is sparkling ! The stainless steel bracelet as well as the case or the dial are gemmed with small sparkling stones (cubic diamonds). The day display is embbeded on the 12 with the logo André Belfort underneath it. The date display is on the 3 and the lettering „AUTOMATIC“ on the 6. The central watch hands are kept in a soft green colour and gives a strong contrast to the silvery dial underneath it. It allows to read the time perfectly !

The design is different and doesn’t please everybody. Basically this watch is rather something for extravagant people. Furthermore the suitable clothes have to be found. Tastes are but quite personal.

The finishing on the outside is immaculate. Nothing bounces, every part fits wonderfully to the other one and scratches are not to be found. Of great quality ! Last but not least because the used materials whose properties and colours do harmonize wonderfully with each other ! The stainless steel is without nickel which means that it qualifies for allergic persons. Let’s now look inside of the Comète:

After having opened it, the trained eye catches sight the solid of the brand quality of ETA. The movement ETA 2834-2, as far as we can see, built in without change and knows how to convince of its long-life cycle. There is a reason why Switzerland is well known for its watches, especially for their movements. It doesn’t matter how critical you look at its inner life, we cannot find any weakness in this André Belfort watch.


André Belfort delivers with the Comète a design watch very well manufactured. During our tests we couldn’t possibly find any mistake. The design is uncompromisingly modern and surely not for every taste. Nevertheless whoever to whom it appeals, has found the perfect companion with the Comète of André Belfort and will have a lot of joy with it.