André Belfort Calendrier: good value for your money

Wristwatches for men, or should we say: gentlemen, should meet certain criteria, especially one: They should be both high-quality and classy. André Belfort’s new model „Calendrier“ meets both criteria very well.


The „Calendrier“ — we tested the „Steel silver“ model looks classical: A finely sewn black leather strap is signalling the Swiss watch manufacturer means serious business: We’re talking luxury watches now. The matted dial is nicely contrasted by the big numerals forming one unit with the day, month and date display. We especially like the stainless stell casing (316 BL).

The alignment of the display follows classical design principles and turns the watch into a timeless masterpiece — if this makes any sense when we’re talking watches. Sapphire glass enhances the value and sees to it that scratches don’t stand a chance. The control elements of the „Calendrier“ are robust and give it a certain James Bond charm.

Other variations of the „Calendrier“ include „steel black“, „steel brown“, „IP black“ and „gold silver“. All versions come with genuine leather straps.


The self-winding André Belfort caliber ETK 5602 movement is waterproof up to 5 atm and should be fit for daily use. 20 jewels see to it that the watch is running smoothly. The entire workings are safely housed in a 14 millimeter (0.55″) casing.

We like it. And so should you.