Test: André Belfort Aphrodite steel

AB-6010-stahl1 AB-6010-stahl4

From the Greek Mythology everybody knows Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty, desire and love. Doubtlessly the Aphrodite from André Belfort is a very beautiful watch. And we can feel a sudden desire to order this watch and to test it. But what we don’t know yet is whether we are going to love the watch after our tests. But let’s find out:

Packaging and first impression
After only a couple of days the „beauty“ from André Belfort arrives. The watch is packed thoroughly in a precious box with guarantee card and manual. The watch looks terrific! Beautifully and graceful. We are awaiting eagerly to put on the watch for the first time. With its ceramic bracelet the watch feels comfortably on the wrist.  The weight and the watch case diameter of 38 mm gives her a very nice attendance.

Workmanship and design
Also at a second glance we cannot find any processing errors, scratches or the like. The top-quality materials were processed carefully. The design is convincing. It looks very noble and precious but doesn’t seem fussy or flashy at all. Have we already mentioned that only top-quality materials were used for this watch? – Stainless steel, ceramic and …. happy scream…. diamonds. Four diamonds embellishes the dial of the Aphrodite.

Movement and features
The beating heart of André Belfort´s Aphrodite is the automatic movement Myiota with 21 stones which works behind scratch proof sapphire glass. During our tests we did not notice any noteworthy gait deviation. The handling of  the watch is easy. The Aphrodite is water-resistant to 50 meter. That means you can leave the watch on while washing your hands or taking a shower.

The Aphrodite lives up to it’s name. We fell in love with this watch from the very first moment. Who also wants to fall in love with the Aphrodite has to be quick. The watch is limited to 500.

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