Test report: The watch Grande Classe steel blue from André Belfort

As previously announced- we also would like to introduce you the watch Grande Classe steel blue from André Belfort! Unfortunately we had to wait much longer than usual for this beauty – but it was totally worth it! We do not often have the privilege to test such a luxury watch. Here are our test resuluts:

Packaging and first impression
As all the other André Belfort watches, the Grande Classe steel blue  comes in a  very elegant and luxury packaging. Inside the box we find – besides the watch – a beautiful designed guarantee card and an easy to read manual. Our first impression is very positive We have rarely seen such a masterpiece on our desk.


Reliability and suitability for daily use
During our daily tests, the Grande Classe steel blue from André Belfort has been able to convince us all along the line. We found no problems neither
by tests during sporting activities as well as through the reliability ones. Nothing can disarray this André Belfort watch, it is particularly
accurate within the tolerance values. However these are absolutely correct and corresponding to what can be expected from an automatic watch.

Quality and workmanship
André Belford’s Grande Classe is wonderfully manufactured
and captivates through its high complexity. How could it be different? We couldn’t find any
scratches, no drop of oil, not even a grain of dust or bad aroma. André Belfort lives up to its reputation with the Grande Classe steel blue!

We are very impressed.Great quality – great watch!

The watch Étoile Polaire steel blue from André Belfort

We have already introcuced the watch Étoile Polaire steel blue from André Belfort a couple of months ago and have promised to provide you with our test report at a later time.
Well, better late than never! 😉 Here it is:

The design of André Belfort’s Étoile Polaire steel blue is absolutely convincing and has a sportive touch and captivates particularly with
its sturdy and elegant outer appearance. Talking about men! Those who usually aren’t into classic watches in brown tones and leather wristbands, will love André Belfort’s Étoile Polaire because of it’s casual and at the same time extraordinary design. Well done André Belfort!


Quality and finishing
We can’t find any scratches or processing errors. Typical for André Belfort ist the first class finishing. The chosen materials harmonize well with eachother. The watch meachanism – André Belfort’s own creation – is a reliable companion.

The watch Étoile Polaire steel blue from André Belfort is a solid and sportive watch for a man who is fashion-conscious. The price is high – but justified through the good name André Belfort.