Presented: Mathis Montabon´s Squelette silver

The Mathis Montabon´s Squelette silver has fascinated us a lot, for this reason a test was a must! Mathis Montabon is a producer of high quality luxury watches, so we were obviously very enthusiastic about the results of our tests.

These can be read here in our test report. Have fun!

Before giving a closer look at what kind of watch is the Squellette silver, here we provide the data sheet:

MM-05-silberArticle nr. : MM-05
Stainless steel box (316L), nickel-free
Real leather bracelet
Automatic movement Mathis Montabon caliber M-5 with 21 stones
Scratchproof sapphire glass
Date/Day/Month/24 hours indicator
Blued screws
Diameter without crown: 40 mm
Case Thickness: 13 mm
5 ATM water resistant
Weight 84g including bracelet
Retail price: 1.390 EUR

The Mathis Montabon´s Squelette silver has also a nickel-free stainless steel box and a comfortable leather bracelet. Naturally this watch, that belongs to this price range, precludes an automatic caliber (M-5) – 21 stones ensure the necessary quality. The scratch-resistant sapphire glass protects the indicators of date, day, month and 24 hours. The sale price is € 1390 and is located in the middle segment of the luxury prices.

First impression
Our first impression was really good. A nice box created suspense when the Mathis Montabon´s Squelette silver arrived. Then inside you get to the object of desire, which shines in contrast with the dark box and naturally the effect of surprise can only increase. In the box there are the full manual of instructions and the guarantee of plastic that looks like a credit card. The first impression is so and we can only hope that we can keep longer the watch, especially when we have the object only for a short test and then we must return it!

Quality in the test
Obviously, the first impression will not help if the quality is not good. But what is the quality in a watch? When we talk about quality, we test the workmanship (how have been the parts of the watch and movement put together? Have they chosen the right materials? Are there defects such as scratches manufacturing?), the functionality (does the clock work well? Does Everything work correctly and reliably? ) and the vulnerability to external factors
(Swimming, sweat, etc..). The mathis doesn´t satisfy only sufficiently all these criteria but rather it fulfills them almost perfectly!

We recommend Mathis Montabon´s Squelette silver and we hope we have shown its characteristics clearly and understandable. If you have any questions about our services and above all of this text is enough write a comment. We were so glad to to test for you this watch!