Wristwatch care tips – this is how your watch works better and longer

Even quality watches may not survive the ravages of time. Like cars also wristwatches have to be maintained. This is why we would like to provide you with some useful care tips:


  • Protect your watch from hits and concussions (playing golf can shake the balance wheel).
  • Keep your watch preferably at a dust-free place (watch case or showcase). Keep valuable watches in a safe.
  • Keep your watch away from magnetic fields. Magnetized watches will lose their accuracy. Magnetic fields could be generated by refrigerators and speakers.
  • Protect your watch form temperature shocks. Heat and sun could damage your watch. Don’t take your watch with you to the sauna. The lubricating oil could fluidize.
  • Salt water damages your watch. Rinse your watch thoroughly after swimming in the ocean.
  • When your watch ran out of battery try to change batteries as soon as possible. Batteries can run out and and can damage the clockwork with its acid.
  • Don’t make date-corrections between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. A mechanical conflict could occur in the clockwork and this could damage the wheel work. Alter the date only forward.
  • The waterproofness should be checked at least once a year. A harsh hit on the crown, variations in temperature or dust could have damaged the gaskets.
  • Clean your watch with a soft fabric cloth or a dry toothbrush. Watches with a high waterproofness (>3bar) can be cleaned under running water. But take off the leather wristband before. Leather wristbands should not come in contact with water. Detergents could leave stains and cause color changes. Metal wristbands and watch cases can be polished with a cotton cloth.
  • Small scratches in the glass can be removed with polishing paste. In case the watch is damaged on the inside go to the watch maker. A watch is to be opened by an expert only.
  • Leather wristbands do not last as long as metal wristbands. Due to the moisture absorption a leather wristband loses its stability very fast and can crack. Leather wristbands last approximately one year.
  • For mechanical watches a revision, i.e. a professional cleaning of the clockwork should be conducted every three to five years.