Salthora Meta: The new „jumping hour“ from Meistersinger

Meistersinger specializes in manufacturing watches that feature one single hand – and only show what is really important. Mostly, a single, neele-thin hour hand rotates around the dial on which you can accurately tell the time to the nearest five minutes. However, the Salthora, which was first presented in 2014, features a minute hand instead – the hour is shown in a circular window positioned at 12 o’clock. As soon as the hand reaches the middle of the window every sixty minutes, the number denoting the next hour appears in the window like a flash.

salthora-meta_02The „jumping hour“ principle was first used in wristwatches during the 1920s. However, its perfection is quite a technical challange. The Salthora by Meistersinger should display the „jump“ exactly on the hour, show the hour in the window without wobbling or shaking, but jump to the middle of the window with immediate precision. The watch should also provide the power required for the jump without impairing the smoothness of the movement.

SAM909For all these reasons, Meistersinger had a module designed for the tried-and-tested ETA-2824-2 ans Sellita SW 200-1 Swiss movement, which ensures the punctual, exact jump using painstakingly balanced mechanics. The tension required for the actuating lever of the hour disk is built up by a snail attached to the minute whieel in the course of 60 minutes. Hence, power is not withdrawn suddenly from the mainspring barrel, but continually, which only influences the workings to a minimal degree.

The first Salthora is visually dedicated to the charm of watchmaking finesse. With the new Salthora Meta, however, Meistersinger has adopted a new style, paying tribute to the clear, powerful character of this SAM907watch concept.
The Salthora Meta is 43 millimeters in diameter and has a striking, cylindrical stainless steel case. It is waterproof up to 5 atm and fitted with a six-screwed exhibition back. The digits of the minutes and of the hour display are depicted in a sans serif Helvetica typeface. The watch will be available in four versions. The models featuring a white or ivory-covered dial will be fitted with an hour disk in exactly the same colour. Here, the complication is not immediately obvious. However, the hour disk in the blue version is white, just like its hand. The black Meta with the hour digits and hand in signal red has an almost dramatic impact.

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