The Swatch Sistem51 comes with five new gorgeous models


Sistem Chic SUTB402

The Swatch Sistem51 is back for 2015 with five brand-new styles. The new Swatch Sistem51 models include the Sistem51 Sistem Pink (SUTR401), Sistem Green (SUTG400) Sistem Chic (SUTB402), Sistem Class (SUTS402), and Sistem Cream (SUTM400). Swatch designed the rear of the Sistem51 to look fun and interesting with various decorative patterns.
The debut models came in a few colors with dials designed to highlight the placement of elements in the movement. The new Sistem watch comes with more traditional designs intended for men and women.

The new for 2015 Sistem51 watches offer more traditional looks with the entry-level „100% Swiss“ automatic mechanical timepieces. Swatch introduced low-priced $150 automanic mechanical watches as a way of getting more people into wearing mechanical timepieces and slowly  graduate to more luxurious Swiss watches.


Sistem Class SUTS40

The Sistem51 watch is 42mm wide and 13.6mm thick, available in a range of colors and fitted to various strap options. The Swatch Sistem51 movement is produced from just 51 parts and is  fully automated in its assembly. Using metal and plastic components, the movement isn’t designed to be taken apart and put back together like most other mechanical movements. The movements offer the time with central seconds and a date indicator window.

The watches will continue to be priced at $150 in the United States and will be available for sale in Swatch stores and via their website starting February 23rd, 2015.



Sistem Pink SUTR401


Sistem Green SUTG400













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