Mathis Montabon Squelette silver

Mathis Montabon Squelette silver is a richly decorated clock. Again some data to provide an overview of what makes a luxury watch like `modern

-Nr. Model: MM-05
-Stainless-steel (316L), nickel-free
-Genuine leather strap
-Automatic movement caliber Montabon-Mathis M-5
-21 rubies
-24 Hours of viewing
-Blued screws
-Diameter without crown: 40 mm
-Case Thickness: 13 mm
-Fin: 20 mm
-5 ATM water resistant
-Weigh 84g ,included bracelet
-Price: 1,390 EUR

To clarify:
Sapphire is the material used to protect against scratches. It is characterized by exceptional sharpness and durability. Unfortunately, it is found only in watches costing more, because the material is more expensive than mineral glass. The automatic movements are the work of the mechanical watches that goes forward through the movements of the same wrist. That’s why these luxury watches are considered modern masterpieces.
Blued screws / pointers are an original aspect. The color blue is a metal finishing process that protects against corrosions. This process is also done in the armor and swords!

So Mathis Montabon Squelette Silver combines many features. For this reason Mathis Montabon can require a certain price. But these watches are more than timepieces, they are status symbols, helpers, and finally an investment. The price is only the second violin, though when you buy a watch like this contains all these qualities.

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