Christmas season is just around the corner!

With Christmas just around the corner, along comes the Swatch Holiday Twist watch.

With Swatch, there’s always some playfulness to be expected and everyone has to decide, whether to look confused or just smile and go with the holiday flow.What would normally be a date window exposing a numbered date ring is instead a Christmas Tree shaped window into the holiday unknown. Each day, a new secret will be revealed. It may be a star, a snowflake, bells, parcels or maybe a snowman all dressed in pink.

Swatch-Holiday-Twist-1According to Swatch, the fashion world now claims that gold is the new black. So the dial is a glittery golden snowball, and the strap hosts more traditional small white snowballs falling against a romantic sparkly sky.

That’s all fine, but what’s odd is that it’s a gentlemen’s watch from the “New Gent” edition.

But still, the watch may be delighting more ladies than gents.This festive peep show is a limited edition, and every piece comes in the special holiday packaging.

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