Chrono Diamond Adone: Affordable luxury from Switzerland

Adone_stahl_frontThe Swiss have been banking on the highest standards in watchmaking ever since the first watch was produced. Strict quality control ensures customers are satisfied with their purchases. This is very definitely the case for the Chrono Diamond Adone.

The company based in the Swiss town of Zug has created a watch that tries the difficult balancing act between luxury and sportiness. I know many brands and many watches that have tried the same, but failed. The Adone comes out victorious.

To be honest: I wished the Chrono Diamond Adone had a wider strap. Because then, I’d wear it even more often than I do now. But even without it, the watch is astonishingly adaptible and can be worn for many different events.

I can’t help but notice the weight of the watch: slightly over 3.5 oz. It’s definitely noticeable you’re wearing something on your wrist. Personally, I like that feeling a lot; men’s watches are allowed to be (and should be, really) heavy. The second thing I notice is the zirconia-studded bezel. I didn’t expect zirconia could fit on a men’s watch, ever. But the Adone proves it’s possible. I like it!

I find the blend between classic and modern style elements to be really interesting; e.g., the mix of Roman and Arab numerals on the dial, or the mix of elegant elements (zirconia) and pure functionality (chronograph function). All of this goes together really well and speaks a design language that I haven’t heard before. The suggested retail price for the Adone is 1,690 Euros. If you’re interested, you better hurry: The watch is limited to 3000 pieces.


Modell-No.: 11300

  • Stainless steel case

  • Leather wristlet

  • Quarz caliber swiss made

  • Hardened mineral glass

  • 1 diamond at clock face

  • 60 Zirconia bezel

  • Date

  • Chronograph

  • Case diameter 45 mm

  • Height 16 mm

  • Band width 24 mm

  • 5 ATM water resistant

  • Limited numbered edition 3000 pieces

  • Weight 106g with wristlet

  • Recommended retail price 1.690 EUR / 2.120 CHF

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