Wrist candy: Modify Watches



Rubber and plastic cased watches are nothing new under the sun. But what Modify watches, based in Berkeley, CA, have to offer has been copied often, but the rip-offs were never nearly as good.

They started out as “The Swap Watch” company, but some time later, they changed the name. The Modify brand was born.

It’s a telling name, and it points in the direction where Modify watches are headed: They’re fully customizable. First, you choose a clockface, then the case and the strap, and you’re good to go. in case you’re lacking good ideas, you can choose from a broad variety of pre-existing combinations. The Visualizer shows you what your watch will look like. After you click the order button, you can lean back, knowing full fell that your customized watch will arrive soon. Personally, I love this kind of interaction between customers and company.

Modify watches have potential, so I think it’s no wonder that other companies like Google, Shutterfly, University of Berkeley-Haas and adultswim have ordered special customized editions. I like them.



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