TRIWA – Sassy watch maker from Sweden

„TRIWA rocks“ – that’s what I thought when I saw TRIWA’s new watch collection for the first time. Sassy, colorful and unconventional. It’s not surprising that they got the prestigious Swedish fashion award „Guldknappen“ in 2011. Their success-story started in the year 2006. Bored by the typical, muted colors of Scandinavian fashion Ludvig Scheja and Harald Wachtmeister – the two founders of TRIWA – wanted to add a flashy contrast color to the outfits. In the very same year they introduced their first watch that was completely orange onto the market and called it „The orange revolution“. The customers reacted euphorically and were enthusiastic of the idea to make their outfit more exciting by wearing a colorful watch. „TRIWA is a fashion accessory – an affordable way to make your outfit more exciting. Besides that it tells you the time“, said Ludvig Scheja. „We do not want to replace real luxury watches. We like the irony to break a classical look with unconventional materials like plastic, rubber und jazzy colors“.

triwa3 triwa-272_2439

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