Happy Birthday Swatch! The good mood watch celebrates its 30th birtday

30 years ago, the Swiss watch manufacturer Swatch published his first Swatch watch. Who could foresee the unbelivable story of success of the colorful watches? They were revolutionary back in the days and still are. After three decades of innovation, and playful provocation Swatch has every reason to celebrate. Swatch birthday celebrations starts with the release of a new watch model, the Swatch CELEBRATE. A golden New Gent with transparent watch case and skeletonized dial. All years from 1983 to 2013 are printed in golden numbers on a wide silver ring. Every year brings back memories of legendary Swatch watches, like the POP, Scuba 200, Heavy-Metal Irony, the colorful Gent or the High-Tech-Touch – and of course the fabulous creations of popular artists, athletes and fashion designers. And not to forget the first own Swatch watch.

SWATCH Est. 1983

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