Riko Kona – Kailua Chrono: Silicone can be glamorous!

Can silicone be glamorous? I asked myself before I ordered the Kailua Chrono from Riko Kona. A silicone chronograph that looks kind of upscale. I’m a glamour girl and I don’t wanna devalue my hand picked evening outfits with a silicone chronograph. I was sceptical – but I wanted to find out.


After a couple of days I received the package with my new Kailua Chrono from Riko Kona. The chronograph itself comes in a transparent plastic box with a hexagonal shape. Looks funky. I like it!

Quality and Design:

I cannot find any scratches or signs of poor workmanship. The watch looks really sturdy. The wristband is soft and feels comfortably. I like the gold parts. They harmonize so well with the rest of the watch. The design is indeed glamorous – not like the rest of the silicone watches out there. Definitely more upscale.

My conclusion:

From this day on I kind of like silicone watches. But still – not every silicone watch is the perfect companion for me. Only my new Kailua Chrono from Riko Kona is allowed to party with me all night long! It goes perfectly with my evening outfits!

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